What are Tacotars?

What are Tacotars?

Tacotars are a collection of meticulously crafted and delightfully charming taco characters, each representing increasing heights of your HeyTaco greatness. 

Why Tacotars? 

Tacotars were a natural progression of levels within HeyTaco. They are a way to celebrate HeyTaco givers in a more momentous way and acknowledge them for being the drivers of their Taco Economies.

How do I get a Tacotar?

Tacotars are unlocked based on your taco giving and receiving behavior, similar to Taco Levels and Stickers. The more you make your Taco Economy awesome by participating in it, the closer you are to unlocking a new Tacotar.

Why do I not have a Tacotar? 

If you don’t have a Tacotar, it doesn’t mean we don’t like you, it just means you haven’t unlocked one yet :) Keep celebrating the awesome people in your Economy, and your Tacotar is just around the corner. 

What is the difference between Tacotars and Levels?

So glad you asked! Tacotars and Levels are connected, but not the same. Every time you unlock a new Tacotar, you also unlock a new Level. But every time you unlock a new Level, you don’t necessarily unlock a new Tacotar. You can unlock new Levels forever, but there are ‘only’ 50 Tacotars one can unlock. 

Why both, you might ask? Well, why not? :) They are both different ways to celebrate you and your taco awesomeness. 

What do I do with a Tacotar?

You share it with your friends and family on social media (we always appreciate that, hint hint), brag to your neighbor, admire it every day, take a screenshot and create a custom Zoom background, ask it questions even though it won’t respond. In short, you do you. Tacotars are your permission to brag and remember that giving appreciation makes the world a better place. 

Just don’t put it on a shirt you’ll sell to all the taco restaurants in your city. That’s on our roadmap.

How many Tacotars are there?

50. Here they all are. Gotta catch ‘em all!

How did you come up with the names? 

Over tacos during one of our team meetings. Just like with anything else we do. 

Have additional questions, feedback or ideas for a new Tacotar? Email us at [email protected] 

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