How do I launch HeyTaco with my team?

Building your Taco Economy is much like starting a movement - someone’s gotta start first and looks like this is YOU :)  A few simple steps, and you’ll be well on your way! 

  1. Add HeyTaco to your workspace via our Website
    • Follow the simple steps to complete setup

  1. Introduce HeyTaco to your team

There are many ways you can introduce HeyTaco to your teams: from simply launching it to announcing it at your next all-company meeting, there is no wrong way to launch HeyTaco. Below are some ideas and resources on how to introduce HeyTaco to a team. 

Option a):

  • Allow HeyTaco to introduce itself by sending a welcome message. 
  • Sweet and simple - this is the route most teams choose. It is very light on the admin and the welcome message shares everything your team needs to know to start using HeyTaco.

Option b): 

  • Share a HeyTaco one pager with your team (please email us at [email protected] for a copy) . It gives everyone a quick overview of how to use HeyTaco and describes the three principles of the Taco Economy to get everyone excited.

Option c): 

  • Share these overview videos with your team. It is a simple way to your team to learn how to use HeyTaco.

Note: The key to people adopting HeyTaco is for you (and the rest of the team driving this initiative) to give your tacos away to different people every day. If you only add HeyTaco to Slack/Microsoft Teams without actually giving a taco, people won’t know what to do. You leading by example is key for early success of HeyTaco. 

3. Highlight your top taco givers 

What you want people to do when launching HeyTaco is to GIVE recognition. Celebrating top weekly/monthly taco givers (as shown on the leaderboard) highlights the action you want everyone to take which is to give a taco. Givers are the ones who are driving your culture of gratitude forward and making gratitude a habit. Recognize those top givers at your All Company meeting, or in a weekly newsletter/message to the whole team. 

4. Add fun rewards. 

We recommend waiting to add rewards for two reasons: A) people will have fun with HeyTaco as is and introducing rewards too early could make your recognition program become transactional. People will view rewards as an incentive to engage, and from what we have seen in our 8 years of running HeyTaco - people don’t need an incentive to share nice things with their colleagues. By waiting to add rewards, rewards become a celebration for a strong taco economy, maintaining the intrinsic value of sharing recognition.  B) Waiting to add Rewards will allow you to price them better because you will have a chance to see how many tacos are in circulation (ie how many tacos your team has accumulated). 

Once you are ready to add Rewards, we recommend starting with one or two. Here are some fun reward ideas we have seen people have success with over the years. 

Voila! You have started a movement - now give out your tacos and watch your taco economy grow! 🌮And if you are curious on how to continue using HeyTaco effectively, check out our advice here.

P.S. If you have more questions, need more resources, or would like to brainstorm how to launch HeyTaco with your team, please email us at [email protected]. We'd be happy to help!

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