People are giving tacos for no reason, help!


There are two types of tacos people are concerned about:

  • No message tacos: "@displayname :taco:"
  • Casual tacos: "@displayname happy birthday! :taco:" 

No message tacos

These tacos are what you don't want to see happening. The best way to avoid these types of tacos is to include messages in the tacos you give. We all set an example with the tacos we give, and if you include meaningful messages with your tacos, it increases the odds others will too. 

There is one caveat where no message tacos are okay. Let's say Barbara releases a new update and gets recognized for it in Slack. Often, people will give Barbara tacos with no message in response to the first recognition message. We call these follow-along tacos, where you agree with the recognition someone else already showed. Those types of tacos are tasty!

If you have people giving tacos with no messages, try asking them to include them. Of course, you can always send them the Principles of the Taco Economy too.

Casual tacos

Occasionally, we get emails from taco'ers that they're worried people are devaluing tacos by giving them out for little things. This could be tacos given when someone gets a new pet, brings in donuts, post a hilarious joke, etc. The key is, what's taco-worthy is subjective to the person giving it out.

What's important is that it's not the taco that matters. It's the message that goes along with the taco. These two tacos will never be interpreted as equal by Erin:

  • "@Erin, your chili from today's potluck was remarkable! :taco:"
  • "@Erin, I'm thankful to have a mentor as kind as you are. Thanks for all the help improving my FEWD skills. :taco:"

Both tacos feel good, honest, and fun to give; those are some good tacos! 

But, the first taco for chili can make some think it devalues the mentor taco. It doesn't, and that chili taco is crucial for a healthy taco community. 

The little things people get tacos for add up and are crucial to creating a supportive and positive environment. When someone has a baby, a birthday, anniversary, celebrate with tacos. Tacos are tokens of positivity and great at capturing feel-good moments. That is what the taco economy is all about. 

If you're doing rewards and worry that people will get tacos too fast, you can increase the price of your rewards. We call this taco inflation, and it's much better than getting people to give less.

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