How does HeyTaco work?

Someone told you that HeyTaco is amazing for them, but you still don’t understand how it works. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what to expect and how to use it best. HeyTaco works the same way regardless of whether your are a Slack or Microsoft Teams user. 

HeyTaco is a fun and easy way to show appreciation at work.

1. How to give a taco

Positive words are the meat of HeyTaco. Whenever you'd like to honor, thank, or show kindness to someone, you can give them a virtual taco and include a glowing message. It takes the pressure off. And establishes a public way to show appreciation to your amazing coworkers.

To give a taco on Slack or Teams, you tag the coworker’s username and write your message, then add a taco emoji. It’s that easy.

Monica Geller helped on a project today, so we want to give her a taco.

All users have a daily limit of five tacos to give to any team member. Daily limits can be changed by HeyTaco admins.

You get new tacos daily, and it’s a use-or-lose-them system. You can use them one by one or give all five to one person as a way to show ultimate appreciation. But you don’t have to use all five tacos each day. It’s important to give tacos in a moment of genuine appreciation. It makes your taco message come across loaded with thankfulness and kindness. 

2. Why give a taco

Kind and authentic taco messages are the most important part of using HeyTaco. It can be impactful to receive messages of appreciation from a coworker. Using taco emojis makes those messages approachable and fun.

Keep your virtual tacos flowing daily to boost in-the-moment recognition.

If you want to see it in action, you can watch the demo video for your platform - Slack or Teams.

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