Reward Ideas (Individual, Team, Monetary, Non-monetary)


Monetary rewards like gift cards are easy, but financial rewards can change the giving behavior towards a transactional behavior and less genuine appreciation. If peer recognition is transactional, it's not authentic. And if it's not authentic, it's not effective. Experience-based rewards (like a team taco party), specifically for team rewards, work much better as they encourage people to collaborate and connect to redeem rewards together. 

Individual Reward Ideas (Monetary)

  1. Coffee anyone?  - Expense a meetup over beverages of your choice. Bonus points if it's with someone new. ($5-$10)
  2. Company Swag - Get stickers, socks, bag, shirt, hat, and mug shipped to you ($50) 
  3. Mystery Box - Redeem your tacos for a surprise box. Each box is tailored to the specific person redeeming the reward ($25-$100) 
  4. Raffle Entry for a < Reward > - Each taco gets you one entry into the raffle to win a  reward (like a PS5, surf lesson, etc.) on us ($100-$300) 
  5. Learn something new (Airbnb Experiences). - It's your chance to learn something new. Redeem your tacos, and feel free to pick from Airbnb experiences such as learning how to paint, surf, cook, anything! ($50-$150)
  6. Spa treatment/day! - Good for expensing an hour of massage in your local area ($50-$150)
  7. House Cleaning - Expense up to $150 towards house cleaning from a provider in your local area ($150)
  8. Movie or Music Subscription for a Year - Get one of the movie subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, etc.) or a music subscription (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). ($100-$150)
  9. Fitness/Gym Subscription for six months - Get six months on us for a fitness/gym subscription of your choice ($100-$500) 
  10. Meal Subscription - Get a free month of meals from HelloFresh or Freshly ($150-$300)
  11. Tacos for Dinner Get a taco dinner for you +1 from a place of your choice ($20-$30)
  12. Daycare/Pet Stipend Get $100 towards a daycare or pet care from us ($100) 
  13. Adventure timeโ€”oh boy! - Good for expensing a new adventure; make sure you return friendly and safe :). ($25-$50)
  14. 2 movie tickets - Go to a flick with whoever you'd like and share your review with the team. No SPOILERS! ($10-$20)
  15. 2 Courtside tickets, anyone? - Redeem your tacos to get up close and personal at an event of your choosing like a concert, sports game, etc.. ($50-$150)

Individual Reward Ideas (Non-Monetary)

  1. Fun day! - Take a day off to have some fun and recharge your batteries :) ($0 usually) 
  2. Taco Trophy - The winner gets a taco trophy, hat, and pin for the month  ($0 usually) 
  3. 1:1 with CEO/Leadership Team Get an hour with anyone on the leadership team to talk about anything you like, want to learn more about or share your thoughts. ($0 usually) 
  4. Emcee one All Hands Meeting - Lead, get everyone excited, and emcee an all-hands meeting. ($0 usually) 
  5. Engineering 1-1 Class - Get a class on how things work from the head of engineering, or learn a specific tool of your choice with the help. ($0 usually) 
  6. Color of the Day - You get to pick your favorite color for everyone on the team to wear on one Friday ($0 usually) 
  7. Pet of the week - Your pet becomes the "pet of the week" across the company's internal pages. ($0 usually) 
  8. Front-row parking spot for a month! - No more struggling to get a good spot; redeem your tacos for a month of front-row parking. ($0 usually) 

Group Reward Ideas (Monetary)

  1. Tacos for Pizza = Delicious! - Redeem your tacos to get pizza for the entire office. Maybe we'll be able to order a taco pizza! ($50-$250) 
  2. Taco Tuesday - Redeem your tacos for some tasty lunch tacos for the office. ($50-$250) 
  3. Small group lunch - Expense up to $100 for a group lunch. We'll pick a contributor to give the lunch $$ $'s to and organize your outing. ($100)
  4. Mystery Room - Do a live or a virtual mystery room with a group. ($100-$250) 
  5. Sponsor your meetup - For those who like to meet up at the office for knitting, board games, wine clubs, or anything. Once you redeem this reward, we'll give $150 to a contributor to organize and have a fantastic meetup. ($150) 
  6. Tacos for Charity - Once we get enough tacos, we'll donate to our favorite charities. ($100-$500)
  7. Head to a sporting event. We'll send 20 lucky people to a sporting event. The first tickets go to contributors, and we'll randomly draw from a hat. If more than 20 people contribute, pick who goes. ($200-$500) 

Group Reward Ideas (Non-Monetary)

  • Rally for a cause - Once we get enough tacos, we'll take the day or half the day off to volunteer together. ($0 usually) 
  • Game Night - Get the team together for a live or virtual game night ($0 usually) 

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