Give tacos with the Taco Giving API


The Taco Giving API allows you to build applications that interact with HeyTaco. With the Taco Giving API, you can give up to 200 tacos daily. Programmatically, you can use this API to give tacos for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Here's how to get started: 

Step 1. Create an app

To use the Taco Giving API, you'll need to create an app first. Create New App

Step 2. Grab your HeyTaco Secret Token

Step 2. Send POST request to the API endpoint

To use the Taco Giving API, you'll send a POST request to

Node Example{
  json: true,
  url: '',
  data: {
    "token": "{%SECRET_HEYTACO_TOKEN%}",
    "uid": "{%USER_ID%}",
    "amount": "{%TACO_AMOUNT%}",
    "message": "{%MESSAGE%}"
function(error, res, body) {
  if (error) {


response meaning
invalid_uid User ID does not exist
no_user_association User ID is not associated with the team
invalid_taco_amount Taco amount doesn't exist or is not a number
over_daily_taco_amount Too many tacos given in a day
invalid_token The token doesn't exist or is incorrect
not_allowed GET not allowed

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