What are Stickers & how to give one?

[Note: Stickers are currently only available for HeyTaco for Slack customers.]

Stickers are a way to recognize groups of people without draining your daily taco balance. There are two important components to Stickers:

  1. Unlocking Stickers

Stickers are unlocked based on giving and receiving patterns. The more tacos given and received, the higher the chances you will unlock a Sticker. For example, you unlock Stickers when you hit certain taco milestones. Here are a few of them:

  • Giving to a high % of your team during the past 30 days
  • Giving for 5 or more days in a row during the past 30 days
  • Being the top giver/receiver after 30 days
  • Every 40 tacos given and 25 received
  1. Giving Stickers

Donโ€™t be a Sticker collector. Stickers are an opportunity to put a smile on someoneโ€™s face and make them feel on top of the world. Each Sticker gives a specific number of tacos to a specific number of people. For instance, gifting a taco tree means that the six people you give it to will receive one taco.

Unlocking Stickers is part of the reward for being a taco giver, but the real reward is giving those Stickers.

How to give a Sticker?

1) Give Stickers via Slack

Step 1: Type /stickers in the channel where you'd like to give a Sticker in and press ENTER.

***Not seeing the /stickers? Please make sure you HeyTaco app has been updated.

Step 2: If you have any stickers unlocked - select a sticker that matches your mood or message.

Step 3: Press 'Give Sticker' and make someone's day a little more special. How easy was that?!

2) Give Stickers in a browser

Stickers can be given directly from the Stickers page on your HeyTaco account. Choose the Sticker you'd like to give, and select 'Give Sticker'. Clicking that button will open up a new page where you will choose whom you'd like to give it to and in which channels, along with the message you want to add. Simply fill out the information, select 'Send Sticker' and it will be posted in channels you chose. Voila! As easy as that.

Taco Tip: in the top right hand corner of each Sticker, you can see how many people it can be given to and how many tacos it is worth. A single Sticker can only be given one time, so if you choose to give, for example the Taco Tree below, to less than 6 people, the whole Sticker will be gone and the rest of the tacos won't be saved.

Why Stickers?

HeyTaco makes it fun and easy for teammates to recognize each other. The unique kindness currency of tacos makes recognition fun, and the daily limit of 5 tacos makes recognition timely and authentic. Peer-to-peer recognition is a proven and cost-effective way to appreciate, engage and build camaraderie on your team. 

Besides peer-to-peer recognition, another powerful way to create stronger, happier, more engaged teams is team recognition. Team Recognition involves recognizing and rewarding the achievements of a team or group as a whole and is particularly effective for fostering collaboration and a sense of unity among employees. Sometimes, giving a taco to one or two people on your team doesnโ€™t feel right because everyone on the team did their job well. And deciding whom to give your precious daily tacos to might feel like picking which child is your favorite. 

As much as peer-to-peer recognition is the foundation of building a culture of giving, being able to recognize groups of people is the very next step in creating team camaraderie and fostering a sense of belonging. 

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