How much will it cost to use HeyTaco?

We charge $3.00 USD per person monthly and only charge for people with HeyTaco user accounts. User accounts are created when someone gives or receives peer recognition. 

To see how much it'd cost you, take $3.00, and multiply it by how many people you think will be using HeyTaco. There are two types of subscriptions to choose from: 



Anyone can use HeyTaco in their workspace. People are automatically added to your subscription when they give or get their first taco. HeyTaco is synced with Slack, and people are removed from your subscription if they're removed from Slack. 

Subscribe Workspace


Pay for only the people on your team or the people you've selected. It makes purchasing HeyTaco faster, easier, and more affordable. Larger organizations use this if individual departments/teams/units want to pay for HeyTaco using their own budget.

Subscribe Team

Enterprise Pricing

Please reach out to us to discuss enterprise pricing for your team. 


We offer a discount for non-profits. You'll get a discount application link from HeyTaco in Slack once you have 10 days left on your free trial. If you'd like to learn more about the discount before starting your free trial, please contact us at [email protected].


HeyTaco is free for education teams. Inquire about a free education subscription

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