How do I create rewards?


Adding rewards is an excellent way to create more value for the tacos people have received. Rewards are entirely custom, and we recommend you get creative and have fun creating rewards for your team. 

Use the [+Add Reward] button on the rewards page to create your first reward. If you don't see the button next to the page title, you do not have HeyTaco administrative permission. If you can't figure out who your admin is, please get in touch here, and we can tell you. Here's your rewards page:

You can create two types of rewardsโ€”individual or team rewards. 

Below is the form to create a reward. 

Redemption Amount (total tacos)
A person will need the total number of redeemable tacos to redeem the reward. Therefore, we recommend setting the amount at an amount that won't discourage people from participating. 

Quantity Available (optional)
The total number of available.

Direct message my team about this reward
When checked, after publishing, each person participating with HeyTaco will get a notification that the reward was created.

Redemption Instructions (optional)
Use this area to let the person redeeming the reward know what to expect after redeeming the reward.

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