3 Reasons you may not be able to login


Here are a few common reasons you aren't able to log in with your Slack account:

  • After you click the Sign in with Slack button, there's s drop-down menu at the top right where you can select which Slack to log into. If you're part of multiple Slack workspaces,  make sure you're picking the one you get tacos in. 
  • People who are channel or multi-channel guests can't use Login with Slack currently. We plan on creating a way for guests to sign-in in the future. For now, you have to make them a full Slack member for them to log in. You can see if someone is a guest on your Slack admin page here: https://www.slack.com/admin
  • Sign in with Slack is disabled for people in your Slack. You can turn it on here: https://www.slack.com/apps/manage/permissions

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